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JBL Bundle ( AVR 161 + Cinema 610)


  • Unmatched JBL Surround Sound
  • Dedicated Center Speaker
  • Easy Customized Installation

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JBL Bundle ( AVR 161 + Cinema 610)

AVR 161

Harman Kardon’s latest range of receivers take a radical approach to one aspect of design. Instead of the traditional iron-core transformer, they use a digital power supply. The result is the Harman Kardon AVR 161 five-channel home-theatre receiver, weighing just 4.6 kilograms. It looks a bit chunkier, so I kept being surprised every time I picked it up.
The five amplifiers are each rated at 85 watts and require loudspeakers rated at an impedance of at least 6 ohms, ruling out some options. There is no support for other zones, and the five amplifiers are locked into their basic functions. The receiver supports 7.1 channel audio from Blu-ray discs, but the two surround back channels are mixed down into the regular surround channels.
You get five HDMI inputs (one supports MHL), all on the rear panel, with a USB socket on the front. And a network connection. Unusually for a home-theatre receiver, Bluetooth is built in.

Cinema 610

Ultimate cinematic experience at home

Bring home theater to life. Turn your flat panel TV into a full home theater with the JBL Cinema 610. Easily connects to any audio/video receiver, the JBL Cinema 610 delivers a box office experience that can’t be matched anywhere else. Sink into pure JBL bliss with an 8” bass reflex 60W powered subwoofer with 5 identical voice-matched satellite speakers and a dedicated center speaker to ensure you receive flawless sound reproduction and perfect dialogue reproduction from all your music and movie sources. With customized wall-mount options and an easy plug-and-play format, you’re headed to the movies in no time.


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