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Acoustune HS1501 AL



Acoustune HS1501 True Dynamic Sound Reproduction and Spectacle Sound Stage with Aluminium Chamber

“The overall character that these fantastically machined earphones portray, is one of a weighty rich warm signature. The focus on the low end pushes the sub bass and core bass ranges forward to give a full-bodied character. Both the HS1501AL and the HS1551CU have well textured and lush smooth bass. Due to the expert tuning another strength is the laid back relaxed decay adding to the richness and signature size. The HS501AL has a heavier presence and masks a little with its dominance for my musical preferences but the HS1551CU bass tuning hits the spot perfectly for me. I have tried other earphones in the past that seem to vibrate and resonate but these 2 IEMs do not suffer at all from these issues. The texture of the layering does not feel artificial or give the impression of colouring but keeps true to the musicality of the tracks while not feeling bloated. There is a comforting liquid smooth transitioning character to these that I’m sure will appeal to a very wide audience. ” – review by Earphonia

Model HS1501 AL
Transducer : Φ10mm Single Dynamic Driver
Impedance : 32Ω
Sound Pressure Level : 110dB/mW
Frequency Range : 10Hz~25KHz
Cable : MMCX Re-cable, L=1.2m (4-core)
Plug : Φ3.5mm plug (gold plated), L-type
Shell : Chamber and Housing – 100% aluminum CNC milling
Color : Grand Blue & Silver
Accessories : Earphone, Cable, Ear-tips (4 types)*, Earphone Case, Cable Clip & Tie, Warranty, Safety Instruction
* Ear-tips: AET02 (F), AET06 (M+), AET07 (S/M/L), AET08 (S/M/L)



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