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Acoustune HS1004 In-ear Headphones


  • Black aluminum alloy
  • in-house-developed Myrinx Dynamic technology


Acoustune HS1004 Vocal and Bass Reverb with Wide-Range Clarity

The successor model of the HS1003. The Acoustune HS1004 leverages the in-house-developed Myrinx Dynamic technology to deliver stunning sound quality from these small drivers. Black aluminum alloy casing with fabric wrapped cable is not common at its price point.

Includes 3 accessory tips in 3 sizes to fit most ear types.

*The HS1004 works very well for female voices and feature a heavier bass that is friendlier to more listeners. It is, however, quite well tuned to Japanese music in general, so if you’re a Nihonphile these headphones are the ones for you.


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